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Hero Barbell Co. was founded with the mission to create the very best multi-purpose barbell combining world-class performance, breathtaking style, and industry leading value.


Strength and Whip

A competition quality barbell and at 215k tensile strength and a 1500 lb rating, bending this bar will not be an issue. The optimal balance between a weightlifting bar and a powerlifting bar making it a great mixed-use barbell for Crossfit movements. 


Olympic sleeves feature a self-lubricating 8 needle bearings system typically only available on bars priced significantly higher. The rotation of our barbell is very clean and smooth making it ideal for fast and dynamic Olympic movements.  

Performance Knurl

With a medium depth knurling, it has plenty of knurl for your heavy lifts, but not a shark tooth knurl that rips up your hands for higher rep workouts. The ends of the shaft feature medium diamond textured knurling, ensuring excellent grip through heavy movements. 

Lifetime Warranty

Hero Barbell Co. provides a lifetime warranty on construction and bending on all of our bars. With proper care and use, this bar will never become loose or dislodge and never requires maintenance other than an occasional wiping down to prevent corrosion.

Our Story

The Hero Barbell Co. was started by three buddies who believe that fitness, competition, and camaraderie are the keys to a long and healthy life. We like to work out, surf, snowboard, play golf, and coach our kids, but also appreciate a well-smoked rib, a hoppy beer, and a fine bourbon.

While designing our home gyms, we became frustrated by barbell options. We didn’t want to pay a premium for a sub-standard bar with a big corporate logo on it, so we decided to design our own.

Meet the Legend Bar! A barbell we designed for ourselves that doesn’t compromise on performance or style. We hope you appreciate the attention to detail, the fine-tuned spin of the collars, the barbell’s unique styling, and precision cut knurling. We will confidently put our barbells to the test against any barbell in the world.

We are sure you are eager to throw some weight around, so get after it! Like we always say, work hard and play harder… but the weekends are ours!


Three Suburban Legends

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