The Legend Bar - Olympic Barbell for Weightlifting, Cross Training and Powerlifting - Hard Chrome

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Product Description

Finally, a chrome barbell for the legend in all of us. Every detail in this barbell was hand-picked. Start with the sleeve, check out the end caps, work your way up the sleeve and admire the HERO inlay and the rubber band stamped HERO collar. This bar is aesthetically pleasing and professionally made from suburban legends like us, to suburban legends like you!

They say the devil is in the details, but this bar is heavenly. 216K tensile strength will hold any amount of weight you throw on the sleeves. The eight needlepoint bearings and two bushings guarantee a spin like no other when busting out reps. Even better, the knurl is detailed enough to know it’s there, but won’t destroy your hands. So what are you waiting for? Get a hold of a Legend Bar today!

See it in Action:


Strength & Whip


Performance Knurl


Lifetime Warranty



Absolutely impressed with this bar. Super high attention to detail. Very fair price for a very nice bar. Thank you HERO, very well done

Los Angeles, CA

This is the BEST barbell I have ever used! The colors pop and don’t wear. It’s tight and rivals rogue or any other high end equipment.

John D
Charlotte, NC

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