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The Legend Bar - 'Sniper Grey Edition'

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Precision and Power in One: The Sniper Grey Edition of The Legend Bar is a symbol of sleek strength and focused performance. Coated in the subtle yet striking Sniper Grey, this barbell resonates with the precision and reliability of a marksman. With its robust 215k tensile strength and a 28mm diameter for assured grip, it can support up to 1500 lbs, making it versatile for various strength disciplines.

Stealthy and Sturdy Coating: This edition features a Sniper Grey Cerakote finish, renowned for its exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear. The coating not only provides a unique aesthetic but also guarantees the bar's longevity, even under the strain of rigorous, daily use.

Elite Spin for Accurate Lifting: Experience unparalleled performance with the bar's high-quality self-lubricating 8 needle bearings system, ensuring a consistent and smooth rotation. The precision-engineered sleeves fit standard 2” Olympic plates perfectly, offering stability and precision in every lift.

Grip Designed for Excellence: The medium depth knurling on the Sniper Grey Edition is carefully designed to provide a comfortable, firm grip, suitable for both intense and technical lifts. The 16-inch wide knurling ensures optimal grip and control, and the absence of center knurling offers comfort across various exercises.

Lifetime Warranty: Reflecting HERO Barbell Co.'s dedication to quality, the Sniper Grey Edition is backed by a lifetime warranty against construction flaws and bending. Built to last, this barbell is a steadfast companion in your fitness journey.

Elevate your lifting experience with The Legend Bar - Sniper Grey Edition, where stealth meets strength, and precision meets power.

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Absolutely impressed with this bar. Super high attention to detail. Very fair price for a very nice bar. Thank you HERO, very well done

Los Angeles, CA

This is the BEST barbell I have ever used! The colors pop and don’t wear. It’s tight and rivals rogue or any other high end equipment.

John D
Charlotte, NC

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