Passionate HERO BARBELL CO. Brand Ambassador


Team HERO is a community of people who work hard and don't believe in excuses. It is made up of employees, customers, ambassadors, first responders, teachers, military, medical professionals, hard working people from nearly every field and athletes of all skill levels from all over the globe.

Our Athletes

Our athletes are made up of CrossFit & USA Weightlifting athletes that work hard, have fun, and lift heavy.

Andrea Nisler
2021 CrossFit Games Team Champion

Tim Paulson
5x CrossFit Games Competitor

Gus Vandervoort
CrossFit Games Competitor

Tony Koens
2x CrossFit Games Team Competitor

Greg Spillane

Streat Hoerner

Brandon Lucket
3 x CrossFit Games Athlete

Alexis Johnson

Dan Hardiman

Angelo DiCicco

Dr. Kelly Wild
Personal Trainer / Movement & Injury Specialist 

Adam Klink

Anthony Davis
Finished 5th in the world - 2017 CrossFit Games Open

Tony Turski
CrossFit Games Athlete and  Coach/Owner of Turn 2 CrossFit