Barbell Care

Care for your barbell!  You want that thing to last, right?  Get your hands on a toothbrush, some 3:1 oil, and a microfiber cloth and follow these instructions.

Your bar will come oily.  This is normal!  Wipe your bar down with the microfiber cloth provided.  Once the oil is off the collars and the barbell, you should be ready to start crushing PRs.

  1. If you chalk up your bar or get the bar really sweaty, use a plastic bristle brush with some oil or WD-40 to take the chalk out of the knurl when you are done with it.  Use the microfiber cloth to wipe off the sweat and oil when you are done cleaning it.  Let it sit overnight and wipe it down with a dry cloth in the morning.  This will make the bar last as long as possible and prevent rust.

  2. Rerack your weights when you are done!  This bar is rated at 215K PSI tensile strength, but when you leave your weights on the bar, it is more likely to bend over time.  C’mon now…

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