Firsty Friday – 18 June 21

Hero Barbell Co.

My alarm is set for 5:00am.  Have to wake up, have to surf, have to get some more of those tasty waves I got after yesterday am… Crushed a bike ride and some abs late last night, slept like shit, alarm is blaring in my ear, so naturally, I turn it off.

Time is now 5:23!!  F!!!  Run downstairs, coffee’s on, shave, get my stuff together for the day. Damn damn damn, don’t want to be late.  Get in the car, send a text, “will arrive fashionably late to the party, paddle out and I will meet you.”

6:30, in the water, all is right with the world.  I have 1.5 hours to myself to contend with mother nature and the walls of water in front of me.  Terra Mar is inconsistent, but clean and sets are coming in every 15 minutes or so chest to head high.  My wave count is decent, I got two amazing rides, life is good. 

Work is done, time to get after it again.  Talked to Mike, he is down to drink, but not to work out as he already did a workout earlier today.  I called him names that won’t be typed here and go about my business.  I get home, pitch with my daughter, clean the house up for my wife, and hit the garage for some much need end of week frustration ventilation.  I grabbed a workout from PRVN, RAIDEN WINS.  Figured this was a good way to energize my body and shock the lungs for what was going to be the cash out after.

Workout was 5 RFT – 6 back squats at 225 lbs, 12 (6/6) single arm DB S2O at 50 lbs, and 18 ABMAT sit ups – 14 minute time cap.  I smoke through the workout at 7:05 with no breaks.  Happy.  Wanted to get it under seven and probably could have if I pushed the sit ups a little more. 

Cash out was 30 minute bike ride pedal out on the Peloton and 5 minutes of ab work afterwards.  Legs felt good, lungs felt alive, and I was happy with my overall output on the bike.  Did a four-week ab program last month via Peloton as well.  My core strength has improved greatly and I am happy that I can complete all ab workouts now without breaks or pauses. 

Text Mike, three times, no answer.  Looks like I am drinking alone.  F it…

Did you hear that?  That was the sound of the Societe Pupil delicious, cold, refreshing IPA I just cracked… finishing off the rest of the beers in my fridge tonight too.  Pizza Port Locals Only, Outdoor Escape IPAs, and Stone’s Enjoy By 4-20 Blazy Hazy IPA.  Good way to end a good day…

Just another day in the life of HERO nation.

- Frank

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