6-25 partner workout
Partner workout with Greg today was pretty good all around. The rower is a perfect warmup with some cardio but also gets the muscles firing a little. And then an EMOM for some strength work gives you a little rest...
Firsty Friday – 18 June 21
My alarm is set for 5:00am.  Have to wake up, have to surf, have to get some more of those tasty waves I got after yesterday am… Crushed a bike ride and some abs late last night, slept like shit,...
Thursday, 6/10
Thursday started with a good 20 minute Peloton ride as a warm up and then a few sets of dumbbell rows and dumbbell pullovers on the bench.
Tuesday, 6/8
Tuesday started off with a strength portion to build up to a heavy 3 rep clean and jerk of the day.
Wednesday, 6/9
On Wednesday I took a break from the barbell and home gym and spent a beautiful day hiking with my wife.
Thursday 6/3 WOD
On Thursday I did some core strength work and the a relatively light Olympic barbell strength training session workin on technique.
Tuesday 6/1 Thrusters
My legs were burning the last few days after Murph but I did a workout with thrusters anyway. Not smart but it got me over the hump.
Sunday 5/30 Murph
Although I didn't use a vest this year at least my two partners did. We did the 20 rounds of Cindy version and due to my guilt not wearing a vest I did a few more rounds to make it an even 23.
Wednesday 5/25 two AMRAPS
This was probably the last decent crossfit style workout before Murph this upcoming Memorial Day weekend.
Monday 5/24 barbell, box jumps, and burpees
Monday's workout kept me moving and gave me a great sweat. After a few rest days over the weekend this was a good barbell workout that mixed in a lot of box jumps and burpees.
Friday 5/21 high reps, low weight barbell
After wrecking myself with 30 rounds of Cindy the other day I wanted to get back into a barbell workout but wasn't ready for heavy weights.
Wednesday 5/19 - 30 rounds of Cindy
Today's workout started with a short cardio warmup and then I jumped right into a big Murph prep workout (minus any running).
Wednesday 5/12 pyramid
Today was a partner workout starting out with some front squats for strength and finishing with a pyramid workout that include six different movements.
Tuesday cardio, bench press and dumbbell curls
I started off today with a good 20 minute Peloton ride as a warmup followed by strength training and a WOD. For the lifting portion I did some bench press and dumbbell curls.
Thursday - Happy belated birthday to Frank
Frank's birthday was last week and today's workout didn't really have anything to do with it but I thought I'd bring it up anyway.
Wednesday - Cinco de Mayo
Lunchtime workout before Cinco de Mayo margaritas started off with some barbell squat cleans for the strength portion and an EMOM for the workout of the day.
Monday workout - Deadlifts
I jumped right back into the week on Monday with a good dose of deadlifts.
Friday - back to back to back EMOMs
On Friday Greg and I did a workout that incorporated three EMOMs.
Wednesday - Back squats and WOD for time
I wanted to start this blog off with a barbell strength workout and then incorporate the barbell into a WOD.