Tuesday cardio, bench press and dumbbell curls

Hero Barbell

I started off today with a good 20 minute Peloton ride as a warmup followed by strength training and a WOD. For the lifting portion I did some bench press and dumbbell curls. I hadn't done much bench so I've been working on it a little more lately. Plus it can't hurt leading up to Memorial Day Murph.

Bench press & dumbbell curls:

My rep scheme kind of fell apart because I didn't have a spotter but I tried to do increasing sets of 10 starting at 135#. I finished at 205# and didn't get 10 reps in (I'll just leave it at that). Between each set I'd do 20 alternating dumbbell curl reps @ 30#.

WOD for time, 2 rounds:

10 power snatches 75#

20 pull ups

30 push ups

40 double unders

50 air squats

This took me about 9 minutes. I was pretty bad on the pull ups today and needed to break them up a lot. Hopefully I improve before the big Memorial Day workout.

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