Friday - back to back to back EMOMs


Calorie row

On Friday Greg and I (Mike) did a workout that incorporated three EMOMs. It was structured to warm up with some cardio, and then work in some strength before finishing with a good mix in the WOD. It was well balanced and didn't crush us but still got the heart rate going. We don't always use the barbell in our workouts but we did again today with the grey cerakote Legend bar on the strict presses.

E3MOM for 12 minutes (4 rounds)

Row 500M or Run 400M (we alternated rounds on the rower and tread)

E2MOM for 8 minutes (4 rounds)

6 strict press @105#

8 strict pull-ups

EMOM for 16 minutes (4 rounds)

10 pull-ups

15 calories row

20 push ups

25 sit ups

EMOMs are good partner workouts for the garage gym as we started with different movements and didn't get jammed up fighting for the same equipment.

Enjoy the weekend!

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