Wednesday 5/12 pyramid

Today was a partner workout starting out with some front squats for strength and finishing with a pyramid workout that include six different movements. And it's always nice to work in some barbell lifts. Today we used the gray cerakote Legend bar again.

Front squats 5 sets of 3


WOD for time

50 calorie row

50 push press 95#

50 slam balls 20#

50 dumbbell snatches 50#

50 situps

50 burpees

50 situps

50 dumbbell snatches

50 slam balls

50 push press

50 calorie row

The WOD took us a little over 20 minutes and we mostly did sets of 10 or 15 before rotating to accumulate the 50 reps for each movement. Not a bad little Wednesday workout!

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