Wednesday - Cinco de Mayo

Squat Clean

Lunchtime workout before Cinco de Mayo margaritas started off with some barbell squat cleans for the strength portion and an EMOM for the workout of the day. It had been a little while since we did squat cleans but they felt good with the grey cerakote Legend Bar.


Work up to a heavy single squat clean

EMOM for 25 minutes:

10 toes to bar

8 handstand pushups

10 wall balls 20#

15 American kettle bell swings 53#

10 box jumps

We worked up to 205# and 225# and probably still had a little more in the tank. And the EMOM was a good partner workout with a good amount of rest built in. But as with most Crossfit type workouts we were breathing hard at the end got a good workout in. Happy Cinco de Mayo and drink responsibly!

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