Monday workout - Deadlifts

Deadlift barbell

I jumped right back into the week on Monday with a good dose of deadlifts. Most of the weekend was spent celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and coaching youth softball so I had no excuse to take it easy after two rest days. I felt pretty good on the deadlifts using the hard chrome Legend barbell.

Strength: Deadlifts 5 sets of 5, increasing weight

135 - 185 - 225 - 275 - 305#

Workout of the Day: 5 rounds for time

10 deadlifts at 185#

10 single arm snatches at 45#

40 double unders

400m run

This took me a little under 19 minutes. I broke a couple of times on the double unders but other than that I did everything else unbroken. My daughter didn't seem very impressed when she got home from school.

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