The Rebellion Bar - Stormtrooper White
The Rebellion Bar - Stormtrooper White
The Rebellion Bar - Stormtrooper White
The Rebellion Bar - Stormtrooper White
The Rebellion Bar - Stormtrooper White
The Rebellion Bar - Stormtrooper White

The Rebellion Bar - Stormtrooper White

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Empower Your Lift with Galactic Inspiration

Introducing the Rebellion Bar, a symbol of defiance and strength. Dressed in striking Stormtrooper White and accented with R2D2 Blue, this barbell subtly honors an epic saga of bravery and rebellion. Designed specifically for women, this 15KG bar combines the spirit of a rebel with the demands of serious strength training.

A Design That Tells a Story: The end caps of the Rebellion Bar feature a unique emblem that echoes a tale of resistance and heroism. These symbols of galactic courage stand out against the bar's clean white backdrop, inspiring you with each lift.

Performance Worthy of a Heroine: With a 25mm diameter for a comfortable, secure grip and a robust 215k tensile strength, the Rebellion Bar is built for performance. Rated for 1200 lbs, it's ideal for functional fitness, Olympic lifting, and powerlifting.

Advanced Coating for the Modern Warrior: The bar's Stormtrooper White ceramic-polymer blend coating, complemented by R2D2 Blue accents, isn't just about aesthetics – it promises unmatched durability and minimal maintenance, even during the most intense battles of strength and endurance.

Precision and Comfort in Every Grip: The medium depth knurling is designed for a firm yet comfortable grip, accommodating both high-intensity and precision-focused workouts. The absence of center knurling ensures a comfortable experience across various exercises.

Lifetime Warranty for Unyielding Rebels: In line with HERO Barbell Co.'s commitment to unparalleled quality, the Rebellion Bar comes with a lifetime warranty against construction defects and bending. It's not just a piece of equipment; it's a beacon of strength and resilience.

Join the ranks of those who dare to challenge the norm with The Rebellion Bar – where legendary stories inspire legendary strength.

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