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The Phoenix Bar - 'Ruby Red Edition'

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For those who seek both flair and functionality, the Phoenix Bar is our signature women’s bar, meticulously crafted for the discerning female athlete. This premium barbell combines high-grade performance with a touch of elegance, ensuring you stand out in both style and strength.
Bold and Brilliant: The Ruby Red Edition of The Phoenix Bar shines with the intensity and vigor of a ruby. Its rich Ruby Red hue embodies the fiery spirit of the dedicated female athlete. This 25mm, 215K tensile strength barbell, capable of supporting 1200 lbs, is for those who approach fitness with passion and power.

Unmatched Performance for Female Athletes: Experience the exceptional balance and spin of this 25mm bar, rated for 1200 lbs and boasting a 215K tensile strength. The Phoenix Bar features advanced needle bearing construction, offering a smooth rotation that's perfect for those aiming to surpass their personal records.

Tailored for Excellence: Specifically designed with the female athlete in mind, the Phoenix Bar’s thinner diameter ensures a comfortable, secure grip, empowering you to lift with confidence and precision.

A Fusion of Art and Athleticism: The Phoenix Bar isn’t just a tool for lifting; it’s a statement piece that reflects your dedication to performance and your passion for aesthetics. Embrace the ultimate in functional fitness with a barbell that’s as remarkable as your ambitions.

Elevate your workout experience with The Phoenix Bar – where extraordinary performance meets stunning design.

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