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HERO Slingin' Self-Locking Weightlifting Belt - Blue Steel

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Because who doesn't want to rep their brand while throwing up some weight with a HERO barbell?  Introducing the HERO Slingin' Weight Belt.  Constructed and designed specifically for the discerning athlete that wants some pop, style, and flair in their life.  These durable belts were forged with lasting nylon, velcro, metal, and swagger to ensure that they last!  

Who Should Buy the HERO Slingin's Self-Locking Belt 

  • Functional fitness athletes who want a belt they can use in any workout will appreciate that it is easy to put on and remove quickly.
  • Lifters of all kinds looking for a high-quality belt without breaking the bank, as the HERO Slingin's belt is priced lower than many comparable ones.
  • Athletes who want to adjust how tight or loose the belt is for each movement or set.

Available in 15 different styles and six different sizes.  Make every rep count; grab your belt today!


XS - 24.5”-28.5”
S - 26.5”-30’5”
M - 30"-34”
L - 34"-38”
Xl - 38"-42"

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