The Phoenix Bar "Nisler Edition" - Cerakote - 15KG Olympic Barbell for Cross Training, Functional Fitness and Weightlifting - Crushed Orchid

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A lion is not concerned with the opinions of sheep. This quote motivates CrossFit Team Games Champion Andrea Nisler to get up and do what she does each day… PERFORM!! She deserves a bar that is specifically designed for her. We worked with her to spec out her bar from a technical and design standpoint!


The Andrea Nisler Signature Phoenix Bar is available in both matte purple and robin’s egg blue. Pay attention to her unique Lion / Phoenix logo spread across the center of the bar. Feel the spin and crush PRs as this 25mm, 1200 lbs rated, 215K tensile strength, needle bearing bar is designed for female athletes looking to push their performance to new levels. And just as a bonus, check the end caps… Andrea’s unique signature adds flair that no other bar has.

It’s her bar, she wants you to train with her bar, so what are you waiting for? Make her bar, your bar today!

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